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Teacher Absence

If you are due to be absent from the Madrasah, please provide at least a week’s notice and arrange your cover from the list of approved cover teachers (who are DBS checked) – list available from admin@husaynimadrasha.co.uk

Please send your cover work to both the cover teacher and admin@husaynimadrasha.co.uk and arrange for any printing required in the usual way.

If your absence is an emergency and a week’s notice is not possible, please phone Aasiya directly – you should sort her number for this purpose.


Doc attached


If you would like something printed for your madrasah class please send the document required to husaynimadrasahprinting@gmail.com by the Wednesday before it is required in class:

Please include:

  1. Number of copies
  2. Single/double sided/hole punched
  3. When you need it (lesson and date)
  4. Please include the subject and class specifics so we can upload it to our resource bank

All printing and copies will be black and white – we can print in colour only for long-term resources.


Thank you for all the work you have done with your madrassah classes. We know that you often prepare wonderful resources for your students to use in class and we would like to start collating these for others to use when teaching in the future.

Please can you email resources that you have created for your classes to husaynimadrasahresources@gmail.com

Please state the class and subject/syllabus topic that it has been created for.

We will then upload these to our resource bank (link to resources page)

Do take a look in the resource bank to see if there are existing items you can use for your teaching.

If you have any resources from previous years, please do pass them on too. We can also accept hard copy resources if they were created by hand, which we will scan in.