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The house point system is a natural complement to the Husayni Madrasah house. The house points will help to foster a competitive environment. The primary purpose will be to provide pupils with an incentive to strive for improved academic achievement. The system will also endeavour to improve standards of general behaviour and discipline.


The system will operate as follows:

–              there are four houses:

o             Salman e Farsi (blue)

o             Miqdad al Aswad (yellow)

o             Amaar bin Yaasir (green)

o             Abu Dharr e Ghaffari (red)

–              special house point sheets will be kept by the administration

–              teachers can request sheets which will contain numerous house points to give to the pupils

–              each time a house point is awarded, a slip must be filled out and handed to the pupil

–              a house point box will be available for all to see on the main counter and pupils should place their slips into the correct section (depending on their house) of the box

House points are to be awarded for merit academically or otherwise. A general guide of the categories for with points may be awarded are:

1. Academic achievement

a. homework

b. classwork

c. examination/test performance

d. Quran practice at home

2. Discipline and General behaviour

a. within class

b. within Madrasah precincts

3. Special cases

a. competitions

b. assembly performance (e.g. Du’a Wahda, speech etc.)

c. sports day

The above list is in no way exhaustive and teachers must use their own discretion. Bias should obviously be avoided. As a rule-of-thumb, the maximum number of house points awarded or deducted should not exceed 2.