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Attendance and Absence:

Regular and punctual Madrasah attendance is important. Students need to attend Madrasah regularly if they are to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them. A student who has enrolled in the Madrasah is expected to attend punctually on all Madrasah days.

If your child is unable to attend for any reason, please email admin@husaynimadrasah.co.uk


Code of Conduct

Nurturing taqwah to raise confident and virtuous young Muslims

As a pupil of Husayni Madrasah, I will behave in a way which shows respect for learning, for myself, for others and for the school.

This means I will do my best to:

  • Attend each week, arriving on time for assembly and lessons
  • Bring everything I need with me for Madrasah each week
  • Listen to my teachers and the thoughts of others
  • Pay attention and participate in class
  • Practice my Quran reading at home and do my homework
  • Always do the right thing, even when others are not looking
  • Tell somebody if there is something I am not happy about
  • Dress modestly when I come to Madrasah
  • Speak in a respectful way towards other students and staff
  • Be kind to others, thinking about their feelings and points of view
  • Take good care of the school property, environment and other people’s things
  • Leave my classroom tidy and throw all litter in the bin


Complaints and Compliments

At Husayni Madrasah we believe that parents are entitled to expect courtesy and prompt, careful attention to their individual needs and wishes. We hope that at all times parents are happy with the service provided and we encourage parents to voice their appreciation to the staff concerned.

We record all compliments and share these with staff.

We welcome any suggestions from parents on how we can improve our services, and will give prompt and serious attention to any concerns that parents may have. Any concerns will be dealt with professionally and promptly to ensure that any issues arising from them are handled effectively and to ensure the welfare of all children, enable ongoing cooperative partnership with parents and to continually improve the quality of the nursery.

We have a formal procedure for dealing with complaints where we are not able to resolve a concern. Where any concern or complaint relates to child protection, we follow our *Safeguarding/Child Protection Policy.

Complaints procedure

Stage 1

If any parent should have cause for concern or any queries regarding the care provided by the madrasah, they should in the first instance take it up with a member of the admin team.

Stage 2

If the issue remains unresolved or parents feel they have received an unsatisfactory outcome, then they must present their concerns in writing as a formal complaint to admin@husaynimadrasah.co.uk The madrasah will then investigate the complaint and report back to the parent The madrasah will document the complaint fully and the actions taken in relation to it in the complaints log book.

(Most complaints are usually resolved informally at stage 1 or 2.)

Stage 3

If the matter is still not resolved, the madrasah will hold a formal meeting between the admin, the parent and a senior staff member to ensure that it is dealt with comprehensively. The madrasah will make a record of the meeting and document any actions. All parties present at the meeting will review the accuracy of the record, and be asked to sign to agree it and receive a copy. This will signify the conclusion of the procedure.

A record of complaints will be kept. The record will include the name of the complainant, the nature of the complaint, date and time complaint received, action(s) taken, result of any investigations and any information given to the complainant including a dated response.

Parents will be able to access this record if they wish to; however, all personal details relating to any complaint will be stored confidentially and will be only accessible by the parties involved.