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Volunteer and or Donate



Husayni Madrasah is run by volunteers, with minimal fees and donations to cover out costs. You can help out by donating here

Healthy Snack Rota

Our healthy snack rota is fully run by parents and we always need more help! Each parent buys and prepares fresh fruit and/or veg once for the children to eat at break times. We try to encourage parents to buy seasonal fruit/veg with minimal plastic packaging and to bring it to Madrasah in reusable tubs.

You will be on the rota approximately once every half term. The dates are sent out at the beginning of term and you pick the one that suits you. The Madrasah can reimburse you for the cost.

Please email or let the admin desk know directly if you can help.

Tajweed Assistants for Quran Reading

We aim to provide 10mins of 1:1 focused Quran reading for each child. We have a very wide range of reading ability in the Madrasah and this strategy helps us to get those who can’t read to get up to speed, but also allows those who can read to become fluent and focus on their tajweed.

We rely on parent volunteers to achieve the ratio needed for 1:1 reading. You need to be able to commit from 10 – 10.50 am every week during term time. You will pull 1-2 children out of class at a time and listen to them read. You will need to be able to read Arabic script, however your tajweed does not have to be particularly good – we need help for all levels and are trying to ensure that every child learns the basics of the script. If your tajweed happens to be good we will try to assign you to fluent readers so that they can really excel.

Please email  or let the admin desk know directly if you can help.