Class 1 Learning Journey

Salaam un Alaikum parents,

Inshallah this email finds you well.

Our lesson on 19th January was based on the topic ‘I begin in Allah’ s name’.

Ayah: surat al-Fatihah, 1:1

Bismillahhir rahmanir rahim (in the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most kind.

We watched a video clip of Baba Ali (the children found the crunching carrots funny!)

They all replied correctly when asked what Baba Ali said before he started to eat his food ‘Bismillah’.

We discussed the 2 names of Allah in Bismillahhir rahmanir rahim; Ar Rahman (the most merciful) and Ar Rahim (the most kind).

We discussed when we say bismillah and why we say it.

Children decorated a placemat to remind them to say Bismillah before eating (these will be laminated and handed back to the children to bring home with them this Sunday inshallah).

This was then followed by an activity where they followed dotted lines to connect cars to their houses.. the objective being saying Bismillahhir rahmanir rahim to help each car reach the right house.

The second session involved watching a video clip on how plants grow:

The children then had the opportunity to grow their own mung beans in their little plant pots and take them home to water them (saying Bismillah before they do).

They planted and watered their seeds in class saying Bismillahhir rahmanir rahim after being explained to that plants need water and sunlight to grow but they also need the help of Allah (SWT).

We humbly request you to continue to encourage the children to say Bismillah where appropriate.

You will have noticed some worksheets for the children to do during the week or when time permits. We do not expect these to be completed for the following class but they may help to further their learning at home.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

With Salaams and duas,

Aasia and Sukaina

P. S. Some of the children were expecting their mung beans to grow straight away on watering them but we explained that they would grow during the week when they would say Bismillah and water them. Inshallah these will have sprouted for every child. Please show them our mung beans which they saw had only just sprouted last Sunday but are now growing leaves!