Playgroup Learning Journey

Asalamu alaikum parents,

Today playgroup explored some more of Allah’s most beautiful names through activities. We saw what it’s possible to know (or not!) and that Allah Al Aleem knows everything. We discovered that He is Al Hakeem, the Wise one in responding, or not, to our duas. We also explored the concept of fairness and realised that Allah is Al Aadil and is never unfair to His creations. The children combined their skills to create a rainbow together and their new story for this week, Pir Can Fly, expands on the idea that we are each given unique talents by Allah. We had quite a few absent children today, so we will be staying with this story for next week’s lesson too insha Allah.

This week we also heard the children recite those surahs that they know. Mashallah all the children demonstrated a knowledge of the Quran. We will be concentrating on surahs Kawther and Ikhlas for our students this year, and it would be really helpful if families could help with practice at home too.

Next Sunday we will be having parent meetings, so we look forward to seeing you after Madrasah.

With regards,

Playgroup team (Iman and Zahra)