Playgroup Learning Journey

Asalamu alaikum parents,

This week the children learned that Allah has many names, that they are the most beautiful, and that we can call upon Him using them at any time or place. We learned the specific meaning of some names:

Ar Rahman – the most kind

As Samee – the all hearing

Al Hafidh – the protector

Al Ghafoor – the most forgiving

Al Wadud – the most loving

Al – Mujeeb – the one who answers

Don’t worry – there’s no expectation that they should remember them! But they may be interested in making small duas using His names as they have done in class.

Your child has brought home their folder and badge this week. They are each assigned to one of the four Madrasah houses, named after the Noble Companions. They have also been given their first picture book. Please return these each week to be issued with the next story that ties in with their new lesson. There is a Power Parenting section on the last page with suggestions of activities the students can do at home to further their love of their learning.

We are using the Zaky video to help learn the Arabic alphabet:

Also this week, the 99 names of Allah:

If you would be interested in receiving links and updates via a class WhatsApp group, please do let us know.

With regards,

Playgroup team (Iman, Zahra and Firdaus)