Learning Journey Class 2

Dear Parents,

Salaam alaykum. It’s a pleasure to meet you all virtually. I’m Zahra and I teach Class 2 alongside Sr Zohra. This week we focused on the story of Bibi Maryam and her son Nabi Isa. We read the story from the book, Mummy and Me, which is written from the eyes of Nabi Isa. We touched upon the themes of previous weeks, how Allah is capable of making anything and creating anything He wishes. As part of their activity they made a card for their mummy, which I hope you have received.

To enforce this week’s learning, please read through the book with them and ask them to retell the story of Nabi Isa. Reading provides opportunities to ask some critical questions such as:

  • Who was Nabi Isa?
  • Why was he born without a father?
  • What did Bibi Maryam do when she was faced with questions about Nabi Isa?

Additional homework is making a family tree with colourful pens/pencils.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me or Sr Zohra.

Zahra & Zohra (Class 2)