Class 1 Learning Journey

Salaam un Alaikum parents,

Inshallah this email finds you well.

Our topic on the 2nd of February was based on Nabi Nuh (A.S.).

Ayah: Innahu kana abdan Shakura – indeed he (Nuh) was a thankful person.

Abdan: servent; one who obeys and serves Allah (Swt)

Shakira; thankfulness

Story book title: The Thankful one. These have been handed out to your child. Please read to/with them and return the books the following Sunday so that a new title can be issued.

The session began with reading of the book with explanation on how Nabi Nuh tried to guide the people whilst being patient and thankful to Allah (Swt).

I then read out a few statements to which the children responded using their own drawn happy and sad smileys (mashallah, they recognise that Allah (Swt) does know what is good for us, he is fair, he has sent us the Ambiya to guide us the right way and when we follow the Ambiya, it makes Allah (Swt) happy).

Please help the children to further explain the importance of this lesson by completing the worksheets they have been given.

Our afternoon session involved decorating the Thankfulness Tree with leaves which involved how and why we are thankful to Allah SWT. I was so impressed with the children’s ideas of thanking Allah; although many of their ideas were verbal which they could not write but drew instead. This shows that mashallah they have very good and clear understanding of how Allah SWT has blessed us in different ways. Lastly we went on a pretend adventure trip to The Grateful Garden trip which had different hurdles that made us sad and angry. We all managed to cross those hurdles by remembering our thankfulness trees and how Nabi Nuh (a.s) was patient through what he faced when the disbelievers did not listen to him. This made us happy again.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.

With salaams and duas,

Aasia and Sukaina