Class 1 Learning Journey

Salaam un Alaikum parents,

Inshallah this email finds you well.

Today’s lesson was based on the topic ‘I am a Muslim, Islam is my deen – Kalimah.

Ayah: La Illaha Illalah – there is no Gob but Allah (Surat Muhammad, 47:19)

Muhammadur rassullulah – Muhammad (s) is the messenger (srlurah Al-Fath, 48:29).

We listened to an audio of the Kalimah. We then read a book to explain the meaning of each verse of the Kalimah and recited out aloud, the Kalimah altogether. Our activity included decorating the Arabic Kalimah drawn in a heart and each child was explained to, every verse, after handing out the transliteration to stick below each verse of the Kalimah.

Our next session included further explanation of the verses of the Kalimah.

We saw different types of leaves and their textures and discussed about the unique creations of Allah ( which proves there is only 1 Allah , illustrated meaning of la illaha illallah)

Then we did the activity which involved the meaning of messenger of Allah  and what was his message ( explaining Mohammad ar Rasula Allah)

Lastly we played game hide and seek . In which the kids followed the instructions and found the hidden globe easily  and learned that by following the messenger of Allah that is prophet Mohammad saw we can easily learn about Allah and his important messages and become good a Muslim .

Please let us know if you would like to discuss anything with us.

With salaams and duas,

Aasia and Sukaina